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Take full advantage of all the opportunities a CareerEngine Industry Job Board offers.

Industry Job Boards are becoming increasingly utilized by web publishers,corporations and other organizations as a viable revenue stream as candidates look for a more effective way to gain employment in their industry or specialty market.

Why An Industry Job Board?


A career center is a valuable resource to your visitors that will attract new customers/ clients and keeps them coming back to visit, increasing your site’s stickiness and traffic.

A career center is a value added service for both the your visitors (i.e. job seeker) and your advertisers / customers (i.e. employers) allowing them to interact in a specialized niche space.

Revenue stream

Capitalize on the equities of your target market by selling job postings to employers (i.e. your advertisers / customers) seeking the qualifications of your visitors.Since resume posting is free,employers can gain access to your unique audience to meet their employment needs.

In addition to selling job postings, you can create revenue with our Featured Employer option, which allows you to sell banner ad space that is integrated with the career centers functionality.The Featured Employer program consists of an employer video, company description, links to employers site and listing of all the employers open positions.

Furthermore,you can pitch job postings as “added-value” in media packages for existing or potential advertisers.

Effective, Proven Infrastructure

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) and Application Service Provider (ASP),CareerEngine offers the experience, staff and know-how to build, host and maintain industry job boards more effectively, quicker and at less cost than would be the case if the organizations built and maintained their own career center.

Cost Effective Resource

Career centers provide a company with the opportunity to attract and recruit the best candidates by being able to offer them the ability to quickly assess the company's visions and competitive advantages by accessing information placed by the company in appropriate fields.

Corporations can use a career center to make their online recruitment efforts more productive at lower cost.The typical cost of posting a job on one of the major career centers is above $250 per posting.With your own career center, you would have unlimited job posting capability.

Customer Service

We want you to succeed and provide customer service to achieve your objectives.

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